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Royal OS is a Linux Operating System built on Ubuntu
With the Unity Desktop removed, Royal features
the Gnome-shell desktop, the new desktop from the Gnome Group
With it's sleek design and focus on productivity, the Royal
Team has added to the layout of the desktop for even more
functionality. We have handpicked the best extensions to add to
the top panel, picked according to usefulness and stability. We have added
the Avant Window Navigator to the bottom of the screen to
add even more functionality and ease of access to your
programs and personal files. We also add the Cinnamon Desktop
A highly polished desktop environment. The look of Royal is unique to all Operating Systems as
we make all of the themes and wallpapers. Not only do we strive to make
Royal easy to use, stable, include a full range of preloaded software,
but we want it to look as good as it is to use.
Royal comes preloaded with all handpicked software that has
been tested for stability, function, and ease of use. We try to include a full
range of software to cover most daily users needs. The software ranges
from a full Office Suite, Firefox, Photo Programs, Instant messaging, Email programs,
Personal Finance, Music, Video, Web cam, a full Media Center, and much more.
Royal also has a full set of System tools to keep your
system up to date, clean of unneeded clutter, to allow customizing,
control your printers and printing jobs, and much more.
Built to work out of the box to cover all normal computing needs,
open and create documents, play,edit, and create your music and video files,
work with and organize your photographs and more.
The Royal Team invites you to keep exploring the
website, join our Facebook Group, Google+ Group, Forums, or community,
and continue to the
Downloads page for the links to all of the Royal releases and the
rest of the goodies from the Royal Team and community

Royal Mission

Royal Goals and Mission

The Linux Royal Mission. Royal aims to make an operating system that is easy to use for the casual user. To create a fully functioning out of the box system that is simple and straightforward to use for people migrating from other operating system. Everything should be straightforward, simple, and just work. Being a Linux OS it has all of the power, security, and stability expected of Linux. We want to make it easy to use for non power users or non Linux enthusiasts so there is no need to open the terminal unless the users wants to. There are plenty of Linux distros out there for the more advanced and power users. Our aim is for people that are regular users to be able to install Royal and just use the system and get what they want done without a large learning curve of relearning how to use the system after migrating from another OS and for new users to computers.


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Gnome Classic

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Gnome Shell

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MATE (Coming Soon)

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Install Guide

Written by Mikee Haslam Edited by Kyle Adams

Mic's Linux Experience

This guide will explain how to install Royal.This guide will use Royal LTS Lite. You can burn the image to a disk or flash it to a USB if your system can boot from USB.

Once booted you will be greeted with a simple selection, choose the live boot option and hit enter. You will be greeted by a login screen, the username for the live session is royal with no password, make sure you choose the desktop environment and login. The next screen you will see will be the Royal desktop with the Cinnamon DE and a nice conky running to the side. Double click the install icon that is located on the desktop to start the installation process. NOTE: Some of the releases may not have the desktop icon, you need to go to menu/system tools/administration then click on Install release.

The first screen is the language selection, pick your language and click the Continue button.


On the next screen check the 2 boxes for downloading updates while installing and the 3rd party codecs and click Continue.


Next on to partitioning, if you are unsure on how to partition then choose whichever one of the first 2 options suits your needs, if you know how you want your hard drive partitioned then choose the "Something else" option and click Continue.


When you are satisfied with how your hard drive is partitioned and have chosen the root mount point you should have something similar to this.


Click the Install Now button and choose the relevant timezone on the next screen and click Continue. After that you will be choosing your keyboard layout and creating your user account as well as the profile picture of the account.

xxx xxx xxx

After clicking Continue the install process will begin, sit back and grab a drink while the next few screens fly past you.

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When the install is finished you will be asked to reboot your system, click yes making sure to boot back into your hard drive as opposed to the CD/DVD/USB stick you used to install Linux Royal.


Once rebooted the install process is finished, login using the details you created for your user and start exploring and most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself !

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This is important information for running Royal. The login for the live session on the LTS and Lite version's is user name=royal and no password, choose desktop environment and hit enter. The 12.10 releases have no user or pass, just choose desktop environment and hit enter.

Royal LTS Full 32bit and Royal LTS Full 64bit have the Cinnamon and Gnome-shell Desktop Environments and a complete set of pre-installed software for almost everyones daily needs. The LTS releases are long term support releases and are supported for five years.

Royal LTS Full 64bit ISO
Royal LTS Full 32bit ISO

Royal LTS Lite 32bit and Royal LTS Lite 64bit have only the Cinnamon Desktop environment and only contain a minimal amount of software installed allowing the user to only install the software that they need. All of the repos and ppas included in the full versions are already included to make it easy to add the software used in the full builds. The LTS releases are long term support releases and are supported for five years.

Royal LTS Lite 64bit ISO
Royal LTS Lite 32bit ISO

Royal XFCE LTS 64bit and Royal XFCE LTS 32bit come with the lightweight XFCE desktop Environment.These are long term support realeases. The XFCE versions have the full software suite installed. XFCE is ideal for older Computers and for Netbooks. They use low resources but are still very powerful systems. They inclue the Compiz Manager and Emerald. Even with the Compiz Cube and effects running the 32bit version boots at 136mb of memory.

Royal XFCE LTS 32bit and 64bit ISOs

The Royal Mate versions . They feature the MATE desktop with a full suite of software included. They also have the cube and effects enabled.

Royal Mate 32bit and 64bit

Royal KDE LTS 64bit and Royal KDE LTS 32bit have the KDE Desktop and are long term support releases. The KDE versions have a full software suite installed. KDE uses low resources and should run on most Computers and for Netbooks. KDE has a built in desktop cube and effects. KDE is one of the most customizable desktops.

Royal KDE 64bit ISO
Royal KDE 32bit ISO


Royal Donators

These people have generously donated to Linux Royal. These donations have made having our web hosting, domain name, and internet service for uploading the ISO's and maintaining all of the Royal Facebook Groups, Google+ Groups, Website, and forums possible and moving forward. Many Thanks from the Royal Team and Community.

--Fred Heesterbeek--

--Hubert Tholen--

--Jos Bruynseels--

--Michaƫl Caron Couturier--

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